Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review of Rite Aid Renewal Duo-Fiber Blending Brush

Okay, somehow I found myself back at the Rite Aid Renewal display. The excuse I made to myself is that I needed a highlighter brush. And I actually do need on - I've been using the EcoTools foundation brush, since all my other brushes were being used for other purposes. No, actually. I really hate mixing colors, so I didn't want to use the same brush for my highlighter as I used for my blush or bronzer. I'm not generally OCD, it's just this one thing. Anyway, the gist of it is that I bought the Rite Aid Renewal Duo-Fiber Blending brush for use as a highlighter brush. I had good experiences with this line in the past - such as with the eyeshadow brush, which I really liked. So I bought it, took it home, and took some pictures of it.

The brush is very soft, but the bristles are not very dense at all. However, I intend this for use as a highlighter brush, so I don't want it to pick up a lot of product. I have absolutely no interest in looking like a glitterball after I apply highlighter - I just want a light dusting of shimmer/glow. And this is perfect for that use. I think this is mostly intended to blend out very pigmented blushes, or for sheer application of very pigmented blushes. However, I'm happy with my MAC 229 for blush application - it applies my blush flawlessly. And I only have 3 blushes, I believe, none of which are ridiculously pigmented to the point where I end up applying too much color. So my only plans for this brush are as a highlighter brush.

This is amazing for use as a highlighting brush. I swipe this lightly in my theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer and dust it on the tops of my cheekbones. It lends a glowy look to my face, contrary to how I had looked using a foundation brush for applying highlighter (a disco glitterball, and an unblended one at that). I barely need to blend out the edges, because it applies my highlight so sheerly and fabulously. I washed it, and not a single hair was shed. The brush after its' first washing:

This brush is pretty much as sturdy as the eyeshadow brush from the Rite Aid Renewal line - that is to say, extremely. The handle is solid, and there's been no wiggliness from the ferrule as of yet. The handle is black rubbery plastic, kind of similar to the NARS blush and eyeshadow packaging. The handle is easy to grip and not slippery. I can't stand slippery brushes - I'm a klutz, so I'm prone to drop things constantly, including brushes.
So, here's my rating of this brush.

Softness: 10/10, this brush, like the other one I've tried from this line, is very soft. It's a synthetic fibre brush, so it's not natural hair, and it's very soft!
Function: 10/10, I bought this to use as a highlight brush, and it works amazingly for that purpose. It would probably work well to blend out or apply highly pigmented blush as well.
Durability: 10/10, there have been no signs of shedding or loose parts from this brush!

Total: 30/30, or 100% (A)

I wrote in my last review, of the Rite Aid Renewal Eyeshadow Brush, that I hoped that other brushes from this line would work for their advertised purpose a bit better than the eyeshadow brush did. And this brush has lived up to my hopes! For I think around $8, this brush proves again how high quality drugstore products can be. There's no reason to go out and pay $20 or more for a brush intended for highlighting, because you could just go to your nearest Rite Aid and pick this up for much less. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and feel that it was very worthwhile!

What is your favorite brush to use for highlighter?


  1. Great review ! I bought the smudger, but haven't tested it yet.

  2. Thanks! I really like the Rite Aid Renewal line so far, they seem to be amazing value for the money. I look forward to hearing your thought on the smudger if you do a full review on it. ^^

  3. Sounds great, and I'm in the market for new brushes, too.

  4. You should try this one out, I really like it! If it's not for you, Rite Aid has a pretty decent return policy - you can return almost anything in terms of beauty if you keep the receipt and original packaging.

  5. I use the Sigma F35 tapered highlighter brush with powder highlighters and with liquids or creams I use my fingers to blend.


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