Monday, March 5, 2012

February MyGlam Bag

Yes, I'm totally late with this post. But I got my bag very late since I was out of town when it was delivered. So by the time I got home and opened it, I didn't really feel the need to blog about it since it had already been reviewed hundreds of times. However, I thought I would do an individual mini review on some of the products included. Here's the entire bag:

-$100 NuMe gift certificate - I might use this, the NuMe products have been getting good reviews. However, I would still have to pay a minimum of $15 if I got the cheapest product they have in terms of straighteners (which is what I'm interested in), the cheapest is the mini flatiron. I might or might not use it, it expires on August 31st so I have plenty of time to choose.
-Dead Sea Premier Cinderella mask - I'll use this eventually. I don't really care for skincare, because I'm very happy with my current skincare routine and am not interested in switching it up. I would much prefer makeup.
-Freeman Facial Hydration Mask Goji Berry - Again, more skincare. This will get used eventually, but I'm not thrilled to get skincare items. Nice size though.
-X Out Shine Control Moisturizer - This was even more skincare! However, I tried this instead of my regular moisturizer in the morning, as a sort of primer. I don't use primer on a regular basis, and I do like a matte face throughout the day. I had high hopes for this product. However, it did absolutely nothing to keep my face more matte throughout the day, which is frustrating - it didn't do what it promised to do. And the only way to get this if I had loved it was to get it as a free gift with purchase when I bought another X out product, the face wash. It was a nice size though.
-NYX Roll On Shimmer - I personally don't like roll on eyeshadow, and this was a bit too glittery for every day use. I did like the color though, a light nudey gold-brown. This will probably sit unused in my eyeshadow drawer, unfortunately. It was full size though, which I liked. Here's a swatch:

Altogether, it was a pretty decent bag. I really wish there wasn't as much skincare in the bag though, I would much prefer more makeup items. I have heard about customer service issues with MyGlam, although I have not experienced any of these myself. It does seem a bit annoying that they do not allow you to change your payment information, though. Hopefully they will get the issues with their customer service worked out soon! I will stay subscribed, hopefully next month's bag will have more actual makeup in it! Sorry for the very late post!

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