Thursday, March 8, 2012

Funky All Around: Review of Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss in Cherry Boost

This will be my first very negative review of a product on this blog. I'm usually fairly positive, in real life and online. I mean, negativity really isn't the most helpful thing. Constructive criticism and negativity are totally different, the way I see it. Constructive criticism is putting something towards a place where it can get positive comments, whereas negativity doesn't help anyone out -  it just brings people down. However, there are some cases where a dose of negativity is needed. In this case, when I bought a product I didn't like. I want anyone who reads my blog to know the facts about this product I disliked, so they can make a better informed decision of whether to buy it or not.

I bought a lipgloss the other day, and I showed it in my drugstore haul. It was the Rimmel London SPF 15 Moisture Renew Lip Gloss in Cherry Boost. I picked this up because I heard good things about Rimmel's products, and it was on clearance. For 75% off. It was hard to turn down. So I bought it and took it home, and swatched it for my drugstore haul. When I tried to swatch it, I was a bit puzzled, because the only way to deposit color was from the tip. Most lip glosses with a foam applicator absorb product and the wand is usually saturated with it. However, with this lip gloss, it was not so. The tiny tip of the wand was the only part that had any color. So to get a decent swatch, I had to dip back into the tube multiple times, which is firstly inconvenient, and secondly unsanitary since the more times you pump a wand in and out of a tube, the more bacteria you introduce into it. The applicator was plain funky. This was extremely annoying. And it would apply color in random places when you put pressure on the applicator. Also annoying.

I then took the wand out of the tube and smelled it. And no, this is not weird. Juuuust so you know. :P Scent matters a lot to me in terms of lip gloss and lip products. If they don't smell appealing, why would I ever put it near my mouth? So I sniffed the wand, and I practically reeled back in horror. It smelled awful. Like rotten plastic cherries. And I really did not want to let this lip gloss anywhere near my mouth. But I decided to give it a chance.

So I applied this (I had to dip back in the bottle multiple times), hoping for it to work moisturizing wonders on my lips. I have one lip gloss by Jouer that I love and is extremely moisturizing. And you can tell when you apply it that it's moisturizing. However, with the Rimmel lip gloss, this is not so. My lips didn't feel any less tight than they did before. With my Jouer lip gloss, you can feel the difference. With the Rimmel lip gloss, not so much. So it didn't live up to its moisturizing claims. It wasn't uncomfortable on the lips, but it didn't feel luxuriously moisturizing either.

However, this lipgloss was kind of a plumping lip gloss. I despise plumping lipglosses. I find the so called "tingling", which I mentally label "burning" to be annoying and not worth the small amount of lip plumping that occurs in the end. So, when this lipgloss was a mildly plumping lip gloss, it lost some points in my book. It wasn't as much of a burning sensation as some I've tried, but it was annoying. It was kind of funky that they made it a semi-plumping product. Although it wasn't moisturizing, it was decently comfortable on my lips (besides the plumping factor). The color was also really nice once I actually got it on - it was definitely wearable, something I could wear to school.

Overall, I didn't like this product. The applicator was frustrating, and the plumping action really annoyed me. The color was nice once I got it on, but it was definitely not worth the trouble. Good thing I got this on clearance, or else I'd definitely be returning it. I'm hoping that maybe next time I try a Rimmel lip product, I'll like it more, since I've heard such great things about their lip products.

Rating: 2/5

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