Saturday, March 3, 2012

Product Review Ratings

I decided I should have some sort of system for reviewing products. I have a brush rating system, but it's kind of complicated. I have no system for rating makeup like eyeshadow or blush. So I've decided to revamp how I rate products, to simplify my life and your reading perusal. From now on, I will simply rate a product out of 5, be it a brush, eyeliner, shampoo, or other product. Before, I was worried about the grade it would be on an A, B, C, etc. grade system. However, please disregard what grade it would translate to, since the percentage it becomes is not the grade I'm giving it, it's just what I think it deserves out of 5. Just thought I should update you guys, since it will be a bit of a shift. Tell me if you don't like the new system, or if you have any other ideas! Thanks for reading!

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