Monday, March 12, 2012

March MyGlam Bag!

I'm never sure whether to call this a MyGlam bag or my Glam bag. I'll go with my Glam bag for now. Anyway, I received my Glam bag today - mine shipped out on Friday and arrived today. They ship from somewhere in California, and I'm in the Bay Area. Since Sunday no mail goes anywhere, 2 days to get to me was a decent shipping time. Especially compared to Birchbox, which would often take 2 weeks since it shipped from the East Coast. Anyway, I was really hoping for more makeup products this month - I personally don't want to get skincare samples, and in their first two boxes it looked like MyGlam was going to be a mostly makeup service. However, spoiler here - this month they have not lived up to that expectation. Here's some pictures to start you off:

The contents of my bag are as follows:
Pur-lisse Pur Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer - I'm not interested in skincare. I'm happy with my current moisturizer. This won't get used. 
Murad Eye Lift Perfector - Same thing. This isn't going to get used.
DermStore $25 Giftcard - This is actually a spend $50, get $25 off type thing. Misleading, but I may use this in the end.
Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15 - Eh, this is almost a makeup product. I prefer powder bronzer, though, and this will likely not get used either. I was hoping for the full size Pur-lisse Lip Nourisher thing, but nope.
Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-in Treatment - I might use this and see if I like it. Hair products are okay in my book.

myGlam Classic Crease Brush & Case - This smells like gasoline, and it stank up the entire package. I'm serious. I stuck the case in my drawer of perfume samples (it smells like amazingness in there) and after the brush dries from its' washing, I will stick that in there too. The brush is pretty soft, and this will probably get used, although it's a bit big for my eyes. It's nice and fluffy, although it did shed in the first 5 seconds I held it, and a couple more hairs when I washed it:

Makeup bag - this has a cute flower pattern, and is made out of canvas. It feels pretty sturdy, although it's a big small, like the last one.

Overall, this bag was disappointing. My favorite item out of the bunch was the crease brush, and it smelled like gasoline. The fact that a stinky brush was my favorite item out of everything in this month's bag says something about it - I flat out didn't like it. I would really, really, really like to see more makeup in these bags, not skincare. I'll stay subscribed, but one more month like this and I'll have some serious doubts. Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I can't believe this month's bag, honestly. I just wonder whatever happened to "full size or deluxe samples"...because those are NOT deluxe samples, besides the bronzer.  I unsubbed, but I hope it gets better for those of you who are sticking around!

  2. I agree! I'm hoping this is just a rough patch for them. It's just annoying that they had such great bags for the first 2 months, then once they garnered a huge amount of subscribers, they pretty much quit sending out makeup samples.

  3. I'm giving it one more month too. I've gotten nothing that I'm really interested, especially nothing that I would think is worth $10. I prepaid a whole year for birchbox but myglam is month to month, thank god.

  4. Yeah, I'm hoping with all the beauty blogger input they got they'll pull their act together.


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