Saturday, December 31, 2011

No Makeup Week

Right now, I'm in highschool. And a while ago, a girl made an announcement about a project she was doing. She was having girls who didn't usually wear makeup wear makeup, and girls who usually wore makeup not wear makeup. Since I am a regular makeup-wearer, I volunteered to not wear it for a week. And I managed to make it through the week (yay!). However, during the entire week, I would wake up in the morning and sit down at my makeup vanity/desk. I would start planning out a look, then I would remember that I wasn't allowed to wear makeup. And I would sadly get up from my chair and change into that day's clothes. Consistently not wearing makeup was an experience for me. I personally do not wear makeup for other people - I wear it because I just have a ridiculous amount of fun playing with all the colors and creating new looks. I also like looking good, and makeup helps me do that. I do wear foundation daily, but I honestly have pretty good skin and probably don't need to - I just like the perfected look it gives to my skin.

During the week, I admit that my confidence took a bit of a dip. And I do think that's a bad thing. I should be able to go out without an ounce of makeup on, feeling just as confident as if I had a full face. I think foundation is a bit of an addiction (yes, it sounds weird) - now I know how good my skin can look with it, I never want to go back to not wearing it. I'd like to be just as confident not wearing foundation as when I'm wearing it. It bothers me that I'm not, and I'd like to get to a place where I can do that.

I know women who don't wear makeup for fun - they wear it because they feel they have to in order to look good. And in our society, makeup is generally associated with femininity. However, I believe women can be completely feminine both with and without makeup. And I think that more people should try to look at it that way, and not always associate makeup with femininity. It frustrates me that it does affect my confidence when I don't wear makeup, and I hope to change that in the future.
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