Sunday, March 11, 2012


I joined the ranks of people signing up for Pinterest! Here is my Pinterest account. Pinterest is extremely entertaining. It's a site where you basically create collections of images that you like. If you see a cool makeup look, for example, you can "pin" it under a "board" you create, which is like an album. Other people can "repin" things. It's really cool, and you can follow either individual "boards" or everything people post. I have a board for products that I love, makeup looks I love, color combinations I love, and a board for pictures of the band One Direction, who I am totally obsessed with. If you want a Pintrest invite (there's currently a waiting list and they routinely admit people) then comment below with you email and I'll hit you up! They currently require you to link it to either Facebook or Twitter, but you can link it to a Twitter then delete the Twitter later once you finish linking it to your email, if you want to. Any questions, just ask! Happy Sunday everyone!

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