Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nuts for this Eyeshadow: Review of Wet N Wild Eyeshadow in 252B Nutty

Everyone talks about this eyeshadow, and so I decided to purchase it. This won't be a long review, since the good reviews of this eyeshadow are numerous and easy to find. I got it on clearance for 75% off, hopefully Wet N Wild isn't going to discontinue this shade, because I really like it.

It's a very soft formula, the shadow isn't hard to the touch. It's very easy to pick up eyeshadow onto your brush. The eyeshadow is also extremely pigmented, especially for a drugstore eyeshadow. It applies really smoothly, and I've experienced no creasing problems during the day as long as I prime my eyes before I apply it.

Depending on the angle you look at it, this eyeshadow is either a medium taupe brown or an antiqued gold brown taupe. Mostly it looks like a medium taupe brown, though. It's a warmer shade, but cool toned girls could probably still pull this one off. It's a great shade to use as an allover lid shade to throw on and head out. An easy look is to put this all over your lid and then work a grey or some sort of darker color into your crease. It doesn't have any actual glitter particles, just shimmer.

Rating: 5/5

Altogether, this is a great eyeshadow that is amazing value for the price. Wet N Wild is one of the cheaper cosmetic brands, yet somehow they still manage to maintain incredible quality. It kind of makes you wonder why high end brands like Chanel and Dior charge so much for their products - I guess it really comes down to consistency and ingredients. Wet N Wild can be very hit or miss, whereas Chanel and Dior consistently produce extremely high quality items, with top notch ingredients. Anyway, my tangent about product pricing ends here. Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. I love me some wnw. I mainly have their trios and the palettes with 6/8 shades but I do have two of their singles and nutty is one of them. Great shade... Walking on Eggshells trio is one of my faves, use it all the time.


  2. Their quality is absolutely phenomenal for a drugstore brand in terms of eyeshadows! I haven't used their other products so I can't speak for those, but their eyeshadows are fantastic. I have Walking on Eggshells as well, it's a great travel palette!

  3. This one definitely has my interest. Good to hear it's quite decently pigmented. Looks like such a versatile and wearable neutral shade, and I think I prefer that it's more warm-leaning than cool. Thanks for the review and swatches :)

  4. It's a fabulous product for the price, and it's a great staple neutral. No problem, glad you enjoyed them. ^^


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