Monday, March 5, 2012

Perfection in an Oddly Shaped Blue Rectangle: Review of Rain Cosmetics Undercover Concealer

So, Rain Cosmetics was on Hautelook the other day. And Hautelook is my favorite beauty bargain shopping website. So I couldn't help but check out the sale on Rain Cosmetics. Rain Cosmetics sponsored the Miss America pageant this year, I believe. That was the first I had heard of the brand. So when I saw them on Hautelook, the name rang a bell. I'd also seen a couple good reviews for some of their products, though I couldn't recall which. Hence, I decided to check out their sale. The only two items that immediately piqued my interest were their primer and their concealer.

Since as a general rule, I'm too lazy to use primer in the morning, I decided to save myself the money and just get the concealer. My only complaint about Hautelook is that shipping is $4.95, so I generally try to place a big order, to justify the shipping costs. However, I decided to just get the concealer and pretend the shipping was justified. Anyway, I received it after a couple weeks (Hautelook also has slow shipping), and here's some pictures of the outer packaging.

I really like the packaging! It's blue plastic, with sort of a retro feel to it. It's very shiny, and it doesn't hold fingerprints. It stays new looking! It seems to have some sort of female assassin theme or something going on (I'm pretty sure the theme isn't actually female assassins). It has some sort of theme, I just can't quite identify it. Woman with a hat and a gun. It's not a police hat, so I'm forced to assume a female assassin theme. Please let me know if you figure out the real theme, I'd love to know what it is. :P
Some people might find the blue shiny packaging a bit tacky, but personally I quite like it.

When you open it, there are two pans of concealer. There's a lighter one on the right, and a darker, more orange-tinged one on the right. The one on the left feels a lot creamier and easier to blend, whereas the darker shade feels a bit waxier, and it's harder to blend out. I'm also pretty pale right now, since it's winter. So at the moment, the shade on the left matches me a lot better (although it's still a tinge dark) than the shade on the right, which would look atrocious on me. I think the right shade is a similar shade to my Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer in #7, which is currently too dark on me. I'll do a swatch comparison eventually, I'm hoping to do a concealer comparison post eventually. Here's some swatches on the inside of my arm (which is a lot paler than my face, just for the record):

Right shade in pan on top, left shade in pan on bottom.

Blended out a bit. Same order.

Both shades have definite yellow undertones, which is great for me since I have yellow undertones (although you can't tell in this picture). During the summer, it's easier to tell. When I was buying my first concealer, I had no mirror with me so I was having trouble guessing at a concealer shade. I was debating between one with yellow undertones and one with pink undertones. I was a total makeup newbie at the time, so I asked the woman next to me for her opinion. "You have yellow undertones, honey. Never forget that," she told me, as she instructed me to get the concealer with the yellow undertones. I followed her advice. The concealer matched perfectly. And to this day I have never forgotten that I have yellow undertones, thanks to the friendly lady next to me in the cosmetics aisle (thank you!).

Right now, I've only used the shade on the left, but I assume the shade on the right is the same quality (it is in the same palette, after all). It wears all day without melting or disappearing, although the weather has been cold so it's gotten no chances to melt as of yet. It's very pigmented, so you don't need a lot of it to cover a blemish, which is what I use it for. It's very buildable in layers without ending up looking cakey. And although I wasn't expecting this, it's waterproof. When I tried to wash the concealer swatches off my arm, they stayed on stubbornly until I wiped them off with a Garnier face wipe (my favorite brand of makeup wipes). This concealer makes me look fuh-law-less. Which is a whole new level of flawless. I apply this by taking a concealer brush (I use the EcoTools one) and picking some of it up and placing it on the blemish, then I use my ring finger to blend it out. I then apply my powder foundation on top and do the rest of my face routine, the order of which I detail here.

Rating: 5/5!

Overall, I love this concealer! I love my Inglot concealer, but this one matches my skin better, with its' lovely yellow undertones, and has more pigment and better coverage. This is my new HG (Holy Grail) concealer. I keep finding new ones, somehow. I might try some other items from Rain Cosmetics, the line seems really intriguing and if their other products are this good, they would definitely be worth a shot!

Have you tried any products from Rain Cosmetics?

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