Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review of theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer

NOTE: Imaginary sequence will follow.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted so desperately a simple, gorgeous highlighter. All over the land she searched, trying and returning countless highlighters. Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit...none of those much revered brands gave her the glowy cheeks that she pursued so determinedly. Then the girl met theBalm.
"So I hear you're looking for a highlighter?" theBalm kindly inquired.
"Why, yes I am! How did you know?" the girl cried out in surprise.
"Well, I have my ways. You see, I think that I may have precisely why you're looking for." theBalm replied cheerily.
"Why, how lovely that would be! Why is it called?" the girl inquired.
"We call it the Mary Lou-Manizer." theBalm replied (upbeat dramatic music plays at this point).

And so the girl immediately rushed out and ordered the highlighter off Hautelook as soon as it went on sale. When it arrived and was promptly swatched, it was as if a gentle sheen of glowiness had descended over my arm. The highlighter was full of a sort of candle lit glow type shimmer. Its' gold tones whispered of elegance and sophistication free of bothersome glitter chunks. The girl went to sleep that night dreaming of perfectly highlighted cheeks (no, not really, but still).

(apologies again for my dry hands, this is the same swatch pic I used for my top 11 of 2011 post. this picture doesn't really do it justice, but I assure you it is many times more stunning in real life)

Okay, so I think you get the idea. This highlighter is absolutely gorgeous! It has this golden sheen to it, and when placed on the cheeks, it lends its' candelit glow properties to you. It has pretty decent staying power (I apply it over my powder), and it does lean gold. I think this would work on pretty much any skintone, and it has zero chunky glitter. The pan has so much product in it (.3 oz, which is a ton when compared to something like NARS Albatross, which is $3 more and has only .16 oz of product in it). It costs $24, and you can purchase it online at Sephora's website, since the brand is no longer sold in-store, or at theBalm's website. My only issue is that if I have any blemishes on the area where I apply this, it tends to accentuate them a bit. However, it's not majorly noticeable, and all in all, it's my HG highlighter. Thanks for reading!

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