Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Introduction (hurrah!)

Hello there. I'm Tati. I'm just a girl who really likes makeup and clothes. That's not such a crime, is it? If you're reading this blog, you probably agree. Hence you reading this blog. Anyway, I love the environment and used to be a bit of an activist, got a bunch of petitions together, that sort of stuff. I make jewelry sometimes, and have an online store I sell it on. I have a dog and two rabbits, and live in the Bay Area in California (that's in the States, FYI). I have friends, they're the best friends ever and they're awesome. I'm fairly new to makeup. I love most things that make me look better. Eyeliner is my favorite thing right now. I love trying different colors of eyeliner, but my favorite is brown because it's fairly natural looking and subtly enhances your appearance at the same time. Enough about me, though. In the future, unless I forget about this blog, I'll be posting makeup tips, makeup reviews, brands I like, clothes I buy, brands I hate, and whatever else pops into my head as I'm writing. Will post later!
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