Friday, April 20, 2012

A State of Cheek Nirvana: Review of Benefit Hervana Blush

Many of you may have heard of this blush from Benefit which launched fairly recently, in the last couple of months. I picked this up from Sephora. Anyway, this blush had been getting pretty good reviews in the blogosphere, and I've become slightly blush crazy recently. I know I said I was done buying blush after I purchased and loved theBalm's Hot Mama Blush, but I didn't stick to that very well. Anyway, here's initial pictures!

The brush was decent. Reasonably soft, but I doubt I'll really be using this as I have no need for it, I like my MAC 129.

The texture of this blush is fairly soft, and it's decently pigmented. However, it's definitely on the lighter side. You can see shimmer in the pan, but the blush reads as totally matte on my cheeks. Staying power isn't fantastic, about 6 hours before it starts to fade on me. It's a light pink with hints of peachiness and orchid to it, which I really like. Here's a swatch, although I had to put about 2 layers on to get it to show up.

It applies really smoothly to my cheeks, and wakes up my face really well. Overall,  a pretty nice blush. However, the price tag of $28 is pretty high, and I'm not sure this particular color is worth it. The packaging and product are cute, sure, but the blush isn't out of this world. It's a nice blush for a comparatively high pricetag. I like this blush, but I don't love it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Do you guys like having lots of pictures like in this post, or less pictures like I usually have? Would love to hear feedback on this, let me know in the comments. :)
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  1. I think you had a reasonable amount of photos in the post Tati!

    I didn't jump on this blush because I knew it'd never show up on my skin, but it is so darn cute that I can see why anyone would fall prey to it's charms! It's so pretty in the pan.  Maybe you can use it over other blushes as well as sort of a pick-me-up??

  2. It is pretty light, I wish it packed a bit more pigment. That's a fantastic idea! Maybe I'll try layering it over a cream blush or something!


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