Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Get Inglot Eye Shadow Pans Out of Their Palettes

I have chipped pretty much every single one of my Inglot eyeshadow's trying to pry them out of their palettes. Inglot eyeshadows are notorious for being hard to move around. I used some sort of nail tool previously, until I finally found a solution. Before, I would often take over 5 minutes to get an eyeshadow out of its place, often chipping bits out of it on accident during the process. Anyway, my problems are all over now. It now takes me mere seconds to get my eyeshadow out of its palette. Here's how.

This is what you'll need.

Some magnets (I actually got these in the Google Retail store, but any very strong magnet will do. If you use a small magnet, put the lid in between the magnet and the eyeshadow so that the magnet doesn't touch the eyeshadow)

An Inglot Palette (mine's a bit worn, haha)

Then, you simply place the magnets on top of whichever shadow you want to take out of the palette, like so.

Then you simply lift the magnets up, and the shadow should come up with them!

And voila! You have your eyeshadow safely out of your Inglot palette!

Hopefully this was helpful. Happy Thursday everyone (spring break starts Friday, whoo)!
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