Sunday, April 22, 2012

My HG Gel Liner: Review and Swatch of Inglot Gel Liner in 74, Plus Dupe!

I already had this in 90, which is the brown colors. I love these liners, and I figured I'd review this one here for you guys.

The color is a dark purple eggplant with plum tones. This eyeliner is totally waterproof and smudgeproof. Once you put it on, it stays on. I do sometimes have trouble getting all of it off, but it's honestly worth it for such great staying power. The texture is super smooth, and it glides on. Super easy to apply.

I really like purple eyeliner, because I think it makes my brown eyes pop a bit more. Brown eyes, in my opinion, are the hardest to make stand out in comparison to hazel, blue, green, or other eye colors. So I really quite like purple eyeliners. This eyeliner is very pigmented, which I love. But I was putting this into my drawer after swatching, and I noticed a possible dupe! My Physicians' Fomula Gel Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes!

Physicians' Formula on the left, Inglot on the right

I was thinking the middle color might be a dupe. Here's how the two pots look side by side.

In the pot, the Physicians' Formula looks like it has less plum tones and is a brighter purple. Here's how they look swatched next to each other.

(Inglot on the left, Physicians' Formula on the right)

As you can see, they swatch to be pretty simiilar! The Physicians' Formula one does have less plum undertones and is a little brighter of a color. It's also less pigmented and doesn't apply as smoothly. However, in the end these two are pretty close! The Physicians' Formula one does transfer a bit to my upper eyelids after a day of wear and isn't waterproof, though. I prefer the Inglot one, but they're both solid purchases. The Inglot liner is $12, and the Physicians' Formula liner is $10.95 but comes with a black and a brown as well. You get 2g of product per pot for Physicians Formula, and 5.5g in the pot for the Inglot liner. Sorry I'm throwing a lot of numbers at you here. But in the end, it breaks down to $1.825/g for the Physicians Formula Liner if you count the other two colors as well, and $2.18/g for the Inglot liner. I personally prefer the Inglot liner, and the price difference in the end isn't so huge. Hope this was helpful!

Did you like seeing the price breakdown with all the numbers, or would you rather hear overall product opinions when I talk about dupes?

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