Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Glam Bag Shipped!

I decided to subscribe to MyGlam after seeing the awesome first 2 bags that went out. I'm getting my first bag this month, in February. I've heard stories of awful customer service where people actually had to contact their banks in order to get their money back, and I was a bit annoyed when they said they would start shipping bags out on February 9th and finish shipping them February 14th, yet didn't ship any out until today, February 16th. I mean, isn't the idea of a Valentine's themed Glam Bag so that you can use it on actual Valentine's Day? I guess not. But anyway, I did get my bag shipped out today, here's the email they sent me:

Hopefully MyGlam will turn out to be a great service once they get the kinks in their system worked out, I think they're just having some issues, as they have quite a lot of subscribers and have maybe bitten off more than they can chew.


  1. This is my first month of MyGlam. I got my shipping notice today. So far it's not impressing me. We'll see how next month goes!

  2. I'm on the east coast and mine didn't ship out until Thursday either. It's really frustrating, as it should have shipped on the 9th. I've been subscribed since November, and I'll stick around for a little longer. I'm hoping they improve. Their bags have gotten less impressive each month. I loved the December bag, the rest have just been okay.

  3. Yeah, I'd really prefer not to have so much skincare. Maybe next month will be better.

  4. Yeah, it seems to have gotten less and less makeup products. Their December bag was fabulous, so it might have been kind of a hard act to follow after.


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