Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking Peachy: Review of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach

I was strolling nonchalantly by CVS one day when I saw a basket of makeup. With a 50% off sign below it. Who could turn that down? So I dug through the basket and emerged with, miraculously, only one item - the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach. I have one of these in Carnation, and the color is absolutely lovely. I decided I wouldn't mind another, especially not for the price of $2.85 or so.

I took it home and couldn't wait to take pictures of it, so I did.

The packaging is plastic, and black. It  has the criss cross pattern on it, and it seems more expensive than it is - the only thing that for me, shows it's a drugstore lipstick, is how light it is. Most high end lipsticks have some weight to them, which somehow makes them feel more luxurious. Anyway, I was swatching this on my arm, fully twisted up, and horror of horrors, it broke. I accept full responsibility >.< I totally forgot to twist it back into the tube, and behold, the broken lipstick. So I just stuck it back into the tube and twisted it down again. This just goes to show how very soft and creamy the formula is, that it broke just by swatching it with it fully twisted out.

The formula of these Colorburst lipsticks is so creamy and soft, it's an absolute dream to apply. The color is decently pigmented, and definitely buildable. What I really like about this formula is that it doesn't highlight any dryness in my lips, unlike some other lipsticks I have, such as MAC Bombshell (frost finish). To apply the MAC one, I have to be sure to exfoliate my lips first, or else it highlights any imperfections or roughness in my lips. With these Revlon lipsticks, no such precautions are neccessary - they glide on smoothly. Here's some swatches:

It's an orangey warmish peach color, not too much pink. It leans coral. The arm swatch above took two swipes, as I wanted the color to photograph well. This color instantly adds sophistication to a look, it just gives me a very put together look. Here's a picture of me wearing it:

My only complaint about this lipstick is its lasting power. It lasts 2 hours, if that. It's really quite annoying, because if I wanted to wear this all day I would have to constantly reapply. However, it does not leave an annoying lip line when it fades, which is a plus. However, I don't reapply makeup at all during the day, so anything that doesn't last all day isn't going to get a whole lot of use from me.

To sum it all up, I love the color of this lipstick, and the formula, except for the fact that it barely lasts 2 hours. I have a lipstick from this line already, and I might buy more if I see them on clearance again, but if not, I probably won't purchase any more lippies from the Colorburst line. However, this is the only peach lipstick I own, so it may get more use than I anticipate.

Have you tried anything from the Revlon Colorburst line? What did you think?


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