Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

I'm half Asian, and half white. I almost have white eyes though, I don't have a monolid. Yet my eyelid is still smaller than that of many of my white friends. So I can't follow regular makeup tutorials, since my eyelid is too smal. However, I can't use monolid application techniques exactly because my eyelid is too big. All of this amounts to: half Asian problems.
Half Asian problems mean that there are pretty much zero makeup tutorials out there tailored for your eye shape. It means that if I wanted to learn how to do makeup, I had to watch tutorials and experiment. A lot. Which I did. And I am now decently proficient at applying makeup (hooray)!

So I made a list of things you can do to make your eyes look bigger, because I personally really like having the look of big eyes. I will add each step to my look until we have the completed look of larger eyes. You're really supposed to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara last, to prevent eyeshadow from getting on your lashes and ruining the jet-blackness of the mascara, but I was just grabbing stuff from my drawer and it just didn't happen in that order.

1. Curl your eyelashes and add mascara or apply falsies (I chose curling/mascara)

Take an eyelash curler, and curl your lashes. There are plenty of Youtube tutorials on this if you don't know how, like this one by MakeUpGeek, which is a great resource.

My eye after curling my lashes/applying mascara:

2. Put white or skin-colored eyeliner on your waterline
I used NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk for this. It makes the whites of your eyes appear larger, making your eyes therefore appear bigger. Other pencils to use would be Tarte EmphasEYES and Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in White.

My eye after curling my lashes/applying mascara and putting white eyeliner on my waterline:

3. Put a light shimmery shadow all over your lid, then a lighter shimmery color in the middle. This emphasizes the high point of your eyelid, making your eyes appear bigger. I used Inglot Pearl #397 all over, and Urban Decay Bootycall in the very center. Also put a light shimmery shadow in your inner corner. This brightens your eyes and makes you appear more awake, because it brings more light into your eyes. I used Inglot Pearl #397. Other eyeshadows you could use would be MAC Naked Lunch, MAC Shroom, or the bottom shade in the Wet N Wild Walking on Eggshells palette.

My eye after curling my lashes/applying mascara, putting white eyeliner on my waterline, and applying light shimmery shadow all over my lid/inner corner and lighter shimmery shadow in the center:

4. Draw a thin line of eyeliner on the outer 1/3 of your lid and blend out. I could make up some fancy sounding reason why this makes your eyes look better, but to tell the truth, I have no idea. It just works, and that's good enough for me. My guess is it contrasts the high and low points of your eye, making it seem larger?

My eye after curling my lashes, putting white eyeliner on my waterline, applying light shimmery shadow all over my lid/inner corner and lighter shimmery shadow in the center, and putting a thin line of eyeliner on the outer 1/3 of my lid:

If you do those 4 things, your eyes will look bigger. Here's a before anything and then after everything picture:

Here's a picture I took where Eye X has all the steps done to it, whereas Eye Y does not. I think that Eye X looks at least a tiny bit bigger than Eye Y:

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Having bigger eyes will help you look more awake, and I generally just like the look that bigger eyes give me. Let me know what you think in the comments!

What methods do you use to achieve bigger looking eyes?


  1. I think sexy can eyes would be a perfect name for this post

  2. It's funny that I JUST found this. Turns out I've been doing all this stuff already but somehow I knew to do it. Then again I just do whatever I think looks best. Thanks for the 1/2 asian 1/2 white post! :-)

  3. Wow, how coincidental! Glad to hear I'm on the right track. And no problem - if you think about it, technically all my posts are 1/2 Asian, 1/2 white posts since that's my ethnicity, haha. :P


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