Saturday, June 23, 2012

Send Me Sailing 3 Different Ways: Review of MAC Hey, Sailor Lipglass in Send Me Sailing

I only own one red lipgloss, and it's the Rimmel one that I hated. So it's totally okay for me for me to buy another, in hopes of me liking this one better. Or at least, that's what I told myself when I picked this up. Am I glad I did? Definitely. It's just a really versatile product, in my opinion. Red lip products are staples in every makeup user's arsenal. The way I saw it, it was important for me to have another. Plus, who could resist that adorable nautical packaging?

At this point, you guys have probably heard enough about the packaging in my other reviews about this collection's products. Let's just say it's fantastic and leave it at that.

The color is a yellow based red. It does sound a bit contradictory, but that's what it is. It's very, very, very glossy. However, there's zero shimmer or sparkle.

This lipgloss lipglass (I will never understand MAC's product names) is so, so, so pigmented! I've actually never run into a lipgloss lipglass this pigmented before. Due to this large amount of pigmentation, this lipgloss has enormous versatility. It can be worn a multitude of ways, and here I've listed 3 of them, but there are so many more!

1. Putting a tiny bit on and blending it out for a sheer hint of color

2. Applying it thickly for a more dramatic lip

3. Layering it over a lipstick (I layered it over Sail La Vie)

Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures, the lighting was awful that day.
Obviously, Send Me Sailing is a super versatile product, which I love! It would be great to travel with. However, I noted that it does have a bit of a tingly plumping effect to it. I absolutely despise anything with plumping, so this irritated me quite a bit. However, it's only noticeable when applied thickly. Since I rarely wear a lip that dramatic, I can get past it and still really like this product.

Another downside is that it's fairly expensive - $15.50 for just a lipgloss! And there isn't a particularly large amount of product. However, since it's so pigmented, it will probably last quite a bit of time. Speaking of lasting time, the staying power of this is excellent. Worn sheerly, it's about 3 hours before it fades and leaves a bit of an ugly lipline. Worn thickly, it's somewhere around 4 hours. That's incredible for lipgloss! Huge bonus points in my book. I think this color would work on pretty much all skintones.

Overall, this is a decent product. It's extremely, extremely versatile. The plumping effect does detract from its' appeal a bit, but in the end the versatility of the product outweighs. It is worth the higher price tag due to the great pigmentation and lasting time. I did like this product; if only it didn't have a plumping effect, it would be practically perfect in my book!


  1. Very pretty color:)

  2. I didn't pick up a single item from this launch, but every post you put out makes me regret that decision a little bit more :P  This looks amazing on you every which way Tati - what a great shade!

  3. Haha, I'm sorry to hear I'm causing such regret! Although with MAC, similar shades will probably definitely be released in the future. Thanks so much!


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