Monday, June 4, 2012

NOTD and Review ft. Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in Pacific Blue

I had 2 of my 5 finals today, math and physics. They were really difficult, I don't know anybody who finished the math final. Tomorrow, I have Chinese and English finals, so I'm studying for those. But I felt bad neglecting to post for so long, so here's a short NOTD/review post for you guys!
This one took a round of practice to apply, the formula is thicker than I'm used to. So I did a terrible job the first time I applied it. In fact, it was just too terrible to post. So I gave it a go again, but this time I was more careful and I applied it much better, although the application is still not perfect. Plus, I kept forgetting to photograph it, so there's some tip wear. I know, I know, beauty blogger sin. But anyway, this wore for about 3 days before chipping noticeably on one finger, but wore for about another 4 days without chipping again. I love this color, it's a gorgeous bright cornflower blue, perfect for summer and spring. I love this polish, I just wish the formula was a little bit thinner. Hope you guys are having a good day!


  1. So pretty:)

  2. I *just* read another post on this same shade!! It's just such a lovely color, and you're right - perfect for Spring/Summer, it's so happy-looking!!!! :D

  3. I keep getting distracted when I look at my nails, haha.

  4. I just bought some of these polishes today and love them! i was trying to find some more colours to get and this one looks great! i just started a beauty blog i would love for you to check it out! heres a link to the post i did about these sally hansen polishes :)
    Sophie xx

  5. Yeah, this color is gorgeous! Glad to hear you like the other colors as well, maybe I should pick some of those up sometime. Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)


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