Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'll Be Happily Sailing la Vie This Summer: Review of MAC Hey, Sailor Lipstick in Sail La Vie

I don't own an orange lipstick. This was my first bright, true orange lipstick. I figured, it's summer, so why not? I wear a lot bolder colors in the summer than I wear to school, since bright lipstick and dramatic eyes aren't exactly school appropriate. I was taking pictures of this on a cloudy day, and as soon as I finished taking the pictures, the sun decided to come out. So of course, I had to retake all the pictures, just my luck. But I want you guys to have the best photos possible so you know what the product looks like before you decide to buy! Here's the packaging:

I just have to say, I'm keeping this box. Normally I just toss the outer packaging, but it's so pretty this time. I love stripes, I wear a lot of striped clothing pieces. So I pretty much died when MAC released this collection - it's all stripes. I honestly didn't fall in love with any of the colors in this collection, I fell in love with the packaging. I like the colors, but I LOVE the packaging.

 More gorgeous packaging! MAC's lipstick packaging is fantastic, they don't come undone in your purse/bag yet the lid is easy to remove. Unless your hands are greasy with sunscreen or something. Now that we've established how fabulous the packaging is, let's move on to the actual product.

The color itself is a bright orange that borders on red. It's definitely yellow based. This shade applies really creamily, and doesn't settle into fine lip lines as much as drier colors tend to do. Sail La Vie is a satin finish, so it has some sheen but isn't very glossy. It's VERY pigmented, and I really enjoy wearing this sheerly in terms of daily use. It has average lasting power for a lipstick, about 4 hours if applied regularly (not sheerly). From there, it starts to fade from the middle out, leaving a rather ugly lipline. So you have to remember to either wipe it off or reapply after four hours.

In conclusion, I like this lipstick a lot! It's pigmented, and can either be worn sheerly for everyday or worn full-on for a more dramatic look. The gorgeous packaging doesn't hurt at all, and the staying power is really nice! For me, it was definitely worth the $15.50 (I bought this from the MAC website).


  1. Very pretty

  2. Yeah, I love this color!

  3. The packaging on this collection really was to die for eh!?  This is an awesome shade of lipstick, and if I weren't being so restrictive on myself I would have definitely gone for it!  I love a good orange in the Summer :)

  4. For stripe lovers like myself, it certainly was! Kudos to you on budgeting yourself though, saving can be just as, and often more, rewarding than splurging!


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