Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review of theBalm Sexy Mama Powder

I'm going to be honest here - one of the main judges of my makeup is my mom. And for a while, I used Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Sand Medium over my Pur Minerals foundation. And every morning, my mom would tell me my face looked kind of fake. So I knew that I needed a new mattifying powder. I have normal/combination skin, but my face is usually a little shiny by the end of the day. I tried the Urban Decay De-slick Powder - for some reason I didn't really like it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it just didn't look quite right to me. So my next powder that I tried was theBalm's Sexy Mama powder. This and their Mary Lou-manizer (which I will do a post on later) were the first products from them that I had tried. I heard pretty much all good things about both of them, and when I saw them on Hautelook I put them in my basket and immediately checked out.

A couple weeks later, my package came in the mail. Naturally, I was excited. Packages are one of my favorite things - they're like a present that you buy for yourself that you already know the contents of. But still, it's a present. So I took my box to my room, opened it, and took out my two items, hyped up to try them the next day.

The next day, I did my makeup. I did my eyeshadow and mascara, I put on my foundation, then swept on the Sexy Mama powder. I got dressed, then went downstairs to breakfast. When my mom came down, I asked her - "Does my face look fake?" She replied, "No, it looks pretty natural today." Bells and lights silently began blaring in my head. I had finally found a natural powder! I bounced out the door that day, overjoyed at my new, more natural face. The magnet that holds the book-like halves together (one with a mirror, one with the powder) is very nice, and it seems fairly sturdy, although mine took a bad spill one day and I cracked the mirror, klutz that I am. Now, I am not completely opposed to the scarily perfect skin that some women strive for, and sometimes value over a natural looking complexion. But at least for an everyday look, I greatly value a natural looking face, which is what theBalm's Sexy Mama powder has allowed me to achieve. When I get around to being less lazy, I'll try to post some pictures of myself wearing it. I also hope to do a couple tutorials in the future, once I have more time.

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  1. nice. x

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