Friday, July 6, 2012

Make Up Forever 92 Eyeshadow Dupe!

I was looking through some old photos and realized I somehow had a side by side comparison of Make Up Forever 92 Eyeshadow and Inglot 114R. That is good news for you guys, because I now bring you the battle of the matte, red based purple eyeshadows! The bottommost, darkest stripe on the Inglot eyeshadow is the MUFE 92 dupe.

MUFE 92 left, Inglot 114R right

Can you tell which is which?
If not, MUFE is on the left, Inglot 114R bottom stripe is on the right!

Crazy, right? They're pretty much identical! Except for the fact that the MUFE eyeshadow is $19, and the Inglot eyeshadow is only $7 by itself! Sure, you get less product, but with something that pigmented, you won't need as much eyeshadow as you would otherwise. Both eyeshadows have fantastic wear time and soft texture, although the Inglot eyeshadow is a bit drier. They're both obviously matte, and are pretty much dupes for each other. Overall, I would say go for the Inglot. It's like the same eyeshadow, with less product but for much cheaper!
Hope you all enjoyed this post, don't forget to enter my Apothica/SkinCareRX giveaway!


  1. They're pretty much identical! Great find!

    Just found you through Brightside Blog Hop, now following!Maybe you could check out my blog too, maybe follow back? I'd be really grateful! Laura xx 

  2. Amazing dupe!


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