Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Purrrple Eyeshadow: Review and Swatch of Make Up Forever Eyeshadow in 92 and possible Dupe!

Everyone I know loves this eyeshadow. They talk about how it's fabulously pigmented, and a perfect wearable bright. I love purples, so I decided to pick this one up. And spoiler alert: I don't like it at all. Keep reading to find out why, but here's a couple pictures to start you off. I had so much trouble getting the color to show up properly with this eyeshadow, I probably spent like 10 minutes messing with my white balance settings.

I have to say, the packaging on this product is lovely. It's super classy, and I love that you can see the color of the eyeshadow so that if I happened to have multiple eyeshadows from MUFE (Make Up Forever), I wouldn't need to open every single one to find the one I wanted. The lid snaps shut with a magnet, and I doubt it would open on accident. I love black packaging, because it doesn't get dirty. This product has black plastic packaging.

Ignore the pink swatch at the top of my arm, haha. Anyway, the color is a bright red based purple. It's not a blue based purple in any way. It's extremely pigmented and smooth, and super blendable, especially for it being a matte eyeshadow. Currently, a lot of companies tend to produce chalky, powdery matte eyeshadows that make blending near to impossible. However, MUFE's eyeshadow is fantastic to apply and blend, and the texture is lovely, although I thought it was a tiny bit dry.

At this point, you're probably wondering why I don't like it. And the reason is that this color absolutely does NOT work for me. It makes me look extremely tired, like I haven't slept in days. This is due to the fact that it's a red based purple. Red based browns don't have this effect, but for some reason red based purples do. And so this just did not work for me, in any way. For reference, I think I'm about an NC35, and I have yellow undertones. So this eyeshadow might work for you, the color just wasn't doing it for me. I ended up returning this eyeshadow to Sephora.

And then, I was using some of my Inglot eyeshadows and I noticed an odd similarity between the MUFE one and an Inglot eyeshadow I had. Unfortunately I didn't have the MUFE one at this time, but I made a trek from Sephora to Macy's, where we have an Inglot counter so I could swatch them side by side. I didn't get a picture, but I can tell you now that they are pretty much dupes. Here's the Inglot eyeshadow:

(image from

This eyeshadow is Inglot 114R. The darkest shade is a pretty much spot on dupe for the MUFE Eyeshadow in 92. It's also matte. The MUFE shade is $19, the Inglot shade is $7. The Inglot one has fabulous quality as well. You get less product, but still. I'd recommend this as a dupe to anyone!

Overall, the formula and packaging of MUFE 92 were fabulous but the color just didn't work for me. Finding high quality mattes is always lovely, since most mattes seem to be a bit hit and miss. Finding a dupe was nice, although I wish I could have swatched them side by side.

Rating: 4/5


  1. I adore MUFE's shadows, and their packaging IS great!!  I've long loved this shade but have never picked it up, it's so intense and I'm not sure I'd get significant wear about of it!  And, it would probably make me look tired too :(  I wish we had Ingot here in my city, I tried it when I lived in Poland (where it's from) and loved everything about it.  Good eye for the dupe Tati!

  2. Brights are always a risk to pick up, it's one of those things where you don't know if you'll use it till you buy it. Inglot is a fantastic brand, a lot of people order from their website - you could try that! What state are you in? Some Macy's have Inglot.


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