Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May MyGlam Bag Review!

This is my May Glam Bag! I got it today, and was super excited! I wish MyGlam would make their packaging recyclable like Birchbox does, though, the bubble wrap just seems so wasteful! Anyway, I'm still so-so about this month's box. Keep reading to see why!

The wasteful plastic packaging

MyGlam finally stopped including all the random coupons in their packages, which to me mostly seemed like advertisements for different companies. I personally found them annoying and they pretty much all went into the recycling. I'm not really into this month's bag pattern, which is the kisses. I really wish they would either vary the size of the bags or stop including them, they're simply too small for me to use (I bring a lot of makeup with me when I travel).

Here's the contents of the box. I'll now go over what I think of each individual item.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling:
I personally don't like the peel-off stick-on nails, just because I find them quite annoying to apply and not very long lasting. I'd rather use traditional nail polish to paint my nails, thank you very much. Nevertheless, it would have been a nice inclusion if not for the pattern, which is absolutely not my style in any way. I ended up giving these to my younger sister. Nice thought, but the pattern is just tacky in my opinion.

 Philosophy Love Sweet Love Fragrance "Spray":
"Spray" is in quotes, because this frankly isn't a spray. It's a perfume vial with a cap. But anyway, this was nice. I don't really love getting perfume samples, since I'm VERY picky about my perfume and to this day still only have one perfume that I've liked enough to purchase and wear daily. But this one surprisingly smells quite good. I thought this was a really nice inclusion.

myGlam Concealer & Defining Eyeliner Brushes:
I'm pretty neutral on these. I've been using the angled eyeliner brush they sent last time for my eyeliner, since my MAC 208 went and hid in a corner or something, since I can't find it. I already have a concealer brush I like from EcoTools, but I guess I could rotate them. These are apparently the last brushes, so hopefully these will soon be replaced by a makeup product. These definitely weren't my favorite.

Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Warm & Cozy:
My absolute favorite product of the bunch. However, I was hoping for a pink shade, since I wear a lot of pink lipstick. But I ended up with this shade, which is brown-burgundy. I took one look at the tube and mentally winced. I swatched it (I have a swatch a couple pictures down) and still felt sad. So I tried applying it sheerly to my lips, and it is actually really, really pretty! Nothing I would wear during the day, but definitely for a more refined look going out. Worn sheerly, it's so pretty! I'm so glad they sent me this color - the point of these sample bags is to try new products, after all. It feels really moisturizing when I apply, I absolutely love this!

This month's bag was a solid one. Still not up to par with their December and January bags, but much better than their March bag, which was just plain terrible. I think this one is a tiny bit better than their May bag. I haven't heard a ton of customer service complaints recently, and I myself haven't had any issues. Hopefully they're doing a better job of sorting those out now. If MyGlam continues to better their service incrementally, as they are doing now, I will definitely stay a subscriber!


  1. thesouthernbeautynerdMay 16, 2012 at 5:55 PM

    I canceled My Glam Bag and I am still glad I did. I think there are better ones out there!


  2. I'm still hoping it'll return to being as phenomenal as it was in December and January, so I'm still holding out! I hope you find a better bag tho :)

  3. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X


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