Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First MAC Cosmetics Purchase

Okay, so recently I've been totally obsessed with this one tutorial Missglamorazzi did in one of her videos. I mentioned it in my last post. It's a tutorial she did on an Aria inspired look (from Pretty Little Liars). So I seriously thought that makeup look was the best look I'd ever seen. Like, no joke. So I tried to replicate it with my ELF Beauty Book. I failed miserably, since I used the same color about three times as a substitute for three completely different colors.

I then thought that maybe if I bought the base she used, the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha, it would look a little better. I bought it and the similarity improved slightly. But it still wasn't even close to the actual look. So I figured, why not just try the eyeliner she uses, to make it even more similar? So I went out and bought the eyeliner, figuring it was just a couple dollars. But I was still using those same eyeshadows! And the look just wasn't right. So I looked at the eyeshadows she used. They were all MAC.

So I went and looked them up on the MAC website. I looked up reviews on Makeupalley. I checked all the bargain sites I knew for the colors. I checked bloggers' reviews of the colors. I stared at the price tag online - a whopping $49. Plus tax. I had a free shipping code - not that it really changed much. I looked up more reviews, and watched the tutorial again. Then I stared at the price tag again. And after much internal debate and thought, I purchased them. Naked Lunch, Folie, Handwritten, and Era. My first MAC eyeshadows. They're going to come this Friday. But seriously, I love that look ridiculously much. I send myself on a guilt trip every time I think about how much I spent. But since I'll be wearing this look every day for the next year except for special occasions and when I occasionally want to switch up my look for a couple days, I'm thinking it's an investment. Though that is what every makeup purchaser says, every time...the colors are all gorgeous neutrals that can be used for plenty of looks. I hear Naked Lunch is a staple and Handwritten is a favorite crease color of many, so fingers crossed that I get my money's worth!

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